Peep Show

5/4/14 to 5/18/14

Peep Show

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Fort Hunter Mansion

better hatMarshmallow Peeps in all shapes and sizes, as art and in art.  If it can be dreamed it may be on display at the Peep Show Sunday, May 4 through Sunday, May 18.  

Register to participate in the Peep Show 2014.  Last year you wished you had entered the contest, don’t let this chance pass you by!    Last year’s Peep Show (artistic creations fashioned from marshmallow Peep candies) was enthusiastically received.  These creative works of art in Adult and Youth categories, will be displayed in the Mansion during Garden Faire and the following weeks during museum hours.  Garden Faire visitors will vote for their favorite Peep art, winners will be announced at the conclusion of Garden Faire and receive a cash prize.    Applications with submission details are due by April 4, 2014.  Join in, let your creative self out and get your Peeps on!  And if not in the creative mood, certainly plan to visit and vote for your favorite Peep art on May 4, 2014.

  With your $5 admission which buys 5 tickets, vote for your favorite works of Peep art.  The Peep with the most votes wins, three cash prizes will be awarded to the top three vote winners.dogwood  Wear clothes with Peeps glued on, painted on or looking like a Peep and get free admssion and 5 free tickets.