This 153 acre Conservancy of wooded mountain land was donated to Fort Hunter in 1986 by Dr. J. Wister Meigs.  The son of museum founder Margaret Wister Meigs, he wanted to maintain this nature area in perpetuity. Of the old 900 acre estate, this was the furthest tract from the Mansion. Originally called the Chucky Hill tract, it is no longer contiguous to the Fort Hunter Park property.

The conservancy is located adjacent the Mansion property on Fishing Creek Valley Road and is open to the public for day hiking only.  No overnight camping or fires are permitted.  Such activities as birding and enjoying the local flora and fauna are suggested.   Because of the proximity to State Game Lands, use extreme caution during hunting season. Be sure to download a Conservancy Map.  GPS – Longitude 76.898802, Latitude 40.354325

From US 22/322, exit at Route 443 and proceed east 3 miles. Turn left onto Camp Reily Road. This is a one-lane dirt road so proceed with caution. Drive past two YWCA camp entrances. The road ends in a gravel parking lot with a trail head consisting of a platform. Beyond is a private residence.