Homeschoolers’ Days November 2 or 3


Homeschoolers’ Days November 2 or 3

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Dive into early Native American life! Students in grades 2-6 and their parents are invited to Native American workshop to do hands on activities, furnish a wigwam and more and also tour the Fort Hunter Mansion. The visit, including time for a bag lunch, runs just under 4 hours. Call 599-5751 to register.

Students will explore how Indians once lived in the Fort Hunter/Harrisburg area. They will learn how Indians obtained food, shelter, clothing and equipment. Activities include exploring a wigwam, hands on activities and games. Children will learn about the kinds of food, materials and water once used by Native Americans who farmed and hunted here in the 1300s and 1400s.

In historic Fort Hunter Mansion,  students will experience life in the 1800s. Children will compare the owners’ life to Native Americans – how they obtained food, shelter, clothing and equipment in the Victorian era. On guided tours students will see original artifacts and furnishings—from a music box and cradle to an ice saw and toaster. The tour ends with a visit to the Museum Shop.

Wednesday, November 2 or Thursday, November 3

$5 students, $3 adults

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