Out of the Ordinary: Tales for Halloween


Out of the Ordinary: Tales for Halloween

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Centennial Barn

The storytellers in this annual event offer tales for the whole family. During the first hour gentler, more fun stories are told, more elaborate, subtle or scary tales, if any, may come in the second hour.  Costumes are optional, but encouraged for more fun. “We try to offer a balanced show, with something for all ages,” says Coughlin. “We want to make sure all the children have a lot of fun. Then the second hour remains appropriate for most family members, but may hold more interest for older kids and adults.”

Storytellers include Tommy Coughlin, Deb Takach, Grace McGaugh, Ben Nebroski and Special Guest.  Admission is at the door – adults: $6.00, children 12 and under: $3.00, with a $15 family limit. Free refreshments will be served during intermission